CudaSign: the only eSig app you can zap


We officially launched the CudaSign (formerly SignNow) / Zapier integration last week, meaning that you can now automate your CudaSign workflow with hundreds of other applications.  Here are just a few of the things you can do:

You can see more popular CudaSign zaps here.

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Introducing CudaSign (formerly SignNow)


We are pleased to announce that we are rebranding SignNow, our popular eSignature solution that allows customers to securely collect signatures, automate workflows, and archive documents.  The new brand, CudaSign by Barracuda, brings a handful of exciting changes to the product and the eSignature market.  For example,

Disruptive pricing:  For only $1 per user per month, customers have access to most CudaSign features.  This makes eSignatures much more accessible to potential users.

Premium features:  The all new CudaSign Premium delivers more value to businesses by providing integration options, such as, as well as the option to deploy CudaSign as an on-premises appliance to your private cloud.

For a summary of everything that’s included in the rebranding, check out the press release here.

SignNow was a great success story.    Early on, the startup team noticed that there were a number of eSignature competitors online, but these products were hard to use and didn’t work on mobile devices.  The SignNow team attacked these gaps and the product quickly became the number one eSignature app in the iOS app store.  In only three years, the SignNow team announced that the product had over one million users, and they officially joined the team at Barracuda.

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CudaSign (formerly SignNow) picks up top reviews and two awards


G2 Crowd recently announced that CudaSign (formerly SignNow) was named Best of 2014 for Ease of Use and Ease of Setup.   We are excited about these two awards because they are based on feedback from our customers.  G2 Crowd pulls feedback from over 20,000 reviews in order to compile the “Best of” awards.  Here are a few of the comments that SignNow received:

Bernie S:  Completely changed the way I do business.

I love how easy this app makes the chore of signing documents. I have a Galaxy Note, so whipping out the stylus and giving my clients the ability to sign documents right on my phone, with their real signature is a joy.

Jenn & Ben A:  SignNow has changed the way we do business!

Overall, our business runs much more smoothly and efficiently since we started using SignNow. Our clients get what they need from us more quickly, and we get what we need from them more quickly. It’s a win-win for all involved.

Anders H:  Love using SignNow

SignNow was really easy for me to setup and easy for my customers to use. There are no bells or whistles that get in the way of simply obtaining a signature.

I am a convert from DocuSign and like how easy SignNow is to use

You can see many more reviews over at the G2 Crowd SignNow page.

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Quickly Sign, Send, and Edit Documents with SignNow and Word for Microsoft Office 365


Last month we talked about how SignNow is integrated with Microsoft Outlook Office 365, which helps users leverage the app from directly within Outlook to sign, send, and track attached documents without ever leaving their inbox. This has been a great addition to SignNow, especially with so many people moving to Office 365 these days, so it made perfect sense to go ahead and fire up an integration for Microsoft Word for Office 365 as well.

For the initial phase of our SignNow for Word integration, we wanted to emphasize the ease of use for people who use Word as their go-to word processing application. It was important to make it easier for people to access and use SignNow from places they spend a lot of time working in, which in this case is Microsoft Word.

So, how do you get started?

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Zombie Data … Draining life byte by byte

Zombie Data

Scaring horror fans since the days of black and white, zombie movies have captivated audiences for years and we’re constantly bombarded with new movies, shows and video games featuring them.  Whether you are a fan of this genre or not, the talk of the living dead has now spilled over into the tech world.

zombie data 1

Your organization might have disaster recovery and a secure technical environment that’s protected against a zombie apocalypse, but is the threat already lurking hidden in your system?  We don’t wish to alarm you but zombie data is real and chances are it’s taking up valuable resources and posing risks in your environment even as you read this post…

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