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New webinar: A look back at high-impact vulnerabilities from 2022

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2022 has been a banner year for application and API-based threats — for criminals, that is. They’ve been wreaking havoc all year, using a wide variety of attacks, including updated versions of old favorites and new ways of compromising applications to penetrate or sabotage networks.

There are a number of factors that contributed to this surge in application attacks, including:

  • Increasing deployment of effective anti-phishing solutions, motivating cyber crooks to target other attack surfaces — including the application layer
  • The rapid expansion of remote work, creating lots of opportunities to hijack workers’ access to critical applications and resources
  • Ongoing pressure to develop, deploy, and update applications at maximum speed, which ensures that more security gaps and vulnerabilities are available to be exploited
  • The growing complexity and sprawl of software supply chains, which has driven the growth of new kinds of attacks that exploit weak links — with widespread and devastating consequences

Gain critical insights with Barracuda’s app security leader

A new webinar coming up on November 30 offers an excellent, timely opportunity to get all the facts and expert analysis of the rapid changes that have affected the application-threat landscape over the past year.

At the webinar, Barracuda Senior Product Marketing Manager for Application Security Tushar Richabadas will conduct a detailed look back at the vulnerabilities and attack modalities that had such an outsized impact on businesses of all sizes in 2022.

Attend this live online event to gain important, actionable insights about:

  • How cybercriminals are exploiting known vulnerabilities to steal data with digital skimming
  • Which common payloads and tactics are being used to launch ransomware, supply chain, and other attacks
  • How the Log4J, Atlassian, Microsoft, and other vulnerabilities were (and in some cases still are) able to cause widespread damage

Tushar will also discuss some of the advanced strategies and technologies that some of your peers are already using to dramatically reduce risks and damages associated with these sophisticated application-layer threats.

Don’t get caught by surprise as the application-threat landscape changes and evolves around us. Register now for this important and timely webinar to get the info you need to protect your organization.

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