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New webinar: ZTNA for SaaS applications

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Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is the new paradigm for optimizing access controls. Especially now that remote work has exploded, ZTNA is a critical solution for ensuring that only authorized users and devices are able to gain access to business-critical online resources, data, and applications.

Nonetheless, there is a tendency among some IT pros to rely on built-in access controls when it comes to SaaS applications and platforms. Surely, the thinking goes, those vendors have a vested interest in providing rock-solid controls over who can access their services.

The truth is that as a consumer of SaaS applications, it’s your responsibility to apply the best possible security and ensure nobody without authorization can get in. And now that we’re in what some are calling the post-breach era — when vast amounts of personal information and access credentials have already been stolen and made available for purchase by cybercriminals — traditional access controls, including multifactor authentication, have been rendered inadequate.

Benefits of ZTNA

By continuously monitoring a wide variety of factors for each user — including individual identity, device ID, IP address, geo-location, time of day, and more — ZTNA makes it extremely difficult for criminals to gain access to online resources even if they have acquired valid login credentials.

To get a detailed look at how ZTNA delivers significant security enhancements and business benefits, attend Barracuda’s new webinar coming up on November 2.

Join a panel of network security experts and find out how you can use ZTNA to increase security, productivity, and flexibility for your organization by:

  • Preventing unauthorized access to corporate resources and digital assets including SaaS applications like Microsoft 365
  • Shrinking the attack surface available to cybercriminals and reducing the risk of costly data breaches
  • Securing your digital transformation and migration to a fully cloud-integrated infrastructure
  • Establishing a foundation for a mature and comprehensive Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) implementation
  • Optimize remote access performance and improve the productivity of remote employees

In addition to an information-rich discussion filled with actionable insights, you’ll also get to see a live use-case demonstration of Barracuda CloudGen Access, a ZTNA solution designed to simplify your efforts to secure Microsoft 365 deployments and other SaaS applications, and to reduce your exposure to ransomware and other cyberthreats.

Free webinar

Extending Zero Trust to Your SaaS Applications

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

10 a.m. – 11 a.m. PT

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