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New tool simplifies ransomware protection planning

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Ransomware crooks keep coming up with new and more effective ways to penetrate your network, find and encrypt your critical data, cripple your backup system, and extort ever-increasing ransoms.

For example, one new trend we’re tracking is a growing move by criminals into exploiting web-application vulnerabilities to launch ransomware attacks.

Because of this, it can be pretty challenging for IT teams to keep track of the latest threat modalities and to set the right priorities for keeping ransomware at bay. With a limited amount to invest, does it make more sense to upgrade your email security, or to harden your web-app-and-API security? Or should you be focusing on better backup?

Barracuda Ransomware Protection Configurator

In order to make things simpler for busy pros like you, Barracuda recently launched its new Ransomware Protection Configuration Tool.

It’s free to use, and all you have to do is complete a questionnaire that shouldn’t take you more than about five minutes to complete.

As you go through the configurator, you’ll answer questions about the size and nature of your network, and about the details of your security and data-protection infrastructure:

  • What are you using to secure your email?
  • How many web apps and sites do you have deployed, and how do you protect them?
  • What are you using to control access to your network, email, and applications?
  • How are you limiting attackers’ ability to move laterally within your network?
  • How well protected is your data backup solution, and how are you backing up Microsoft 365 data?

Personal touch on the backend

So what happens when you submit your answers to these questions? Do they get fed to a vast, quasi-sentient AI that uses them to construct a virtual model of your network and then runs millions of ransomware attack simulations in order to analyze your specific areas of vulnerability and instantly generate a set of recommendations for prioritizing anti-ransomware strategies?

Well … not exactly. Instead, one of our very human, very helpful, and very well-informed ransomware-protection experts will get your collated results. They’ll go through your answers and identify any areas where your protection against ransomware is less than optimal.

Maybe your email protection is pretty good, but your backups are vulnerable. Or perhaps they’ll conclude that in the current environment your most urgent need is to improve your security against app-based attacks.

They’ll compile a list of recommendations based on your current security profile, your level of exposure based on your application and network infrastructure, and the latest information about ransomware trends based on our global threat information system. And they’ll work up a proposal for addressing your most urgent needs, including a price quote.

Within a few days at the most, they’ll get in touch with you to discuss their proposal, answer any questions you may have, and help you take the next steps in your ransomware-protection journey.

The grift that keeps on grifting

From cybercriminals’ point of view, ransomware continues to be the single most effective way to rake in big bucks fast. As long as they adjust and evolve their techniques to evade security measures and deliver their malware, ransomware will have to remain top-of-mind for anyone involved in IT security — whether you’re protecting a small organization, a vast multinational enterprise, or anything in between.

But no matter how ransomware evolves, Barracuda will be right on top of it, providing the tools, technologies, and strategies you need to keep your risk as low as possible. The new Ransomware Protection Configurator is a case in point, designed specifically to simplify the task of planning and executing effective anti-ransomware strategies. Use it today.

Try the new Ransomware Protection Configurator now

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