Thinking SASE? Start with Zero Trust

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If you’re interested in implementing Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) but you’re not exactly sure how to begin, there’s a Barracuda webinar coming up on August 3 that you really shouldn’t miss. Before we get into the topic of the webinar, though, let’s just take a minute to make sure we know what we’re talking about.

The what and why of SASE

Over the past few years a lot of changes have combined to create a whole new landscape of IT security challenges. The expansion of remote work, the increasing dependence on cloud-delivered services, the development of hybrid and multi-cloud networks — all these and more have rapidly expanded attack surfaces, diluted the ability of traditional security strategies, introduced performance issues, and encouraged threat actors to aggressively develop advanced, highly evasive attack techniques.

SASE is the security industry’s response. Effectively it represents the convergence of several different technologies that have emerged and evolved more or less contemporaneously. When integrated into a single platform, they provide a level of comprehensive, interconnected security that can’t be matched by an approach that considers each attack vector as a separate security challenge. Check out this blog post from last February for a more detailed discussion.

The two most basic technical elements of an effective SASE platform are software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). Which brings us back to the topic at hand.

Start with ZTNA

At the webinar, Barracuda Product Marketing Manager Emre Tezisci and Consulting Systems Engineer Gus Fernandez will offer an in-depth presentation of what ZTNA is, how it works, why it’s especially important right now, and why many of your peers are using it as the first step toward deploying a complete SASE implementation.

By dramatically improving control over who can access what digital resources and services when and with what devices, ZTNA addresses at least two core challenges facing many organizations:

  • The fact that vast numbers of workers are now accessing corporate networks and cloud-based resources and services via home networks that are basically no more secure than a local coffee shop’s free Wi-Fi
  • The fact that in the “post-breach era” such vast numbers of credentials and personally identifying data have been stolen, sold, and made available to crooks that account-takeover and impersonation attacks are rapidly coming to dominate the threat landscape

These challenges demand an urgent response, which is one of the leading reasons why IT professionals increasingly regard a high-quality, full-featured ZTNA solution as a starting-off point for SASE.

See it in action

“But Tony,” you ask, “what exactly constitutes a high-quality, full-featured ZTNA solution?”

Excellent question. Emre and Gus will definitely provide an in-depth discussion of the specific capabilities that you should look for in a ZTNA solution. And (surprise!) Barracuda CloudGen Access just happens to be one of the most powerful, capable, and easy-to-use ZTNA solutions out there. So the webinar will also include a detailed overview of that product including a live demo based on common use-cases.

With both threats and vulnerabilities on the rise, the sooner you get started on your SASE implementation, the better your chances of avoiding the increasingly high costs of successful network intrusions. And starting with ZTNA is the best way to immediately boost security against the most common types of attack.

So reserve your spot, mark your calendar, and be sure to attend this important, practical webinar on August 3.

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