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Zero Trust adoption simplified

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The way people work is already changed, and the pandemic has served as a catalyst for a more distributed workforce than ever. Some companies announced that they will stay remote or hybrid permanently. In addition to this, companies are moving their on-premises applications to the cloud, and even more of them are becoming SaaS applications. Establishing trusted access for networks, apps, devices, and users has become a significant security problem due to rapid technological changes and the evolution of work.

The Zero Trust approach that Barracuda CloudGen Access takes to network security supports the borderless, global business. It provides remote, conditional, and contextual access to resources and reduces over-privileged access and associated third-party risks.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) improves the security, flexibility, agility, and scalability of application access enabling businesses to succeed in this new cloud era. However, these improvements shouldn’t raise compliance and privacy concerns. Barracuda CloudGen Access is a privacy-first and self-hosted Zero Trust Network Access solution. CloudGen Access does not require funneling through our infrastructure. Businesses completely own data and traffic.

CloudGen Access

What’s new in CloudGen Access

Today, we announced two new features to simplify on-premises deployments further: CloudGen Access Virtual Appliance and CloudGen Access Cloud User Directory Connector. The virtual appliance includes a CloudGen Access proxy and the user directory connector in a hardened CentOS. It provides a custom CLI to streamline the deployment and management of CloudGen Access. It is available for VMware, KVM, and Hyper-V hypervisors.

The Cloud User Directory Connector offers a new way to sync user directories with CloudGen Access. Companies can continuously and simply sync their users and groups, create role-based access control policies, and ensure that only the right person with the right device and the right permissions can access corporate resources.

CloudGen Access

Enable Zero Trust Access from any device, anywhere.

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