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Barracuda CTO Fleming Shi on destructive malware

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Security Weekly is a podcast network for the security community, and Barracuda CTO Fleming Shi recently appeared as a guest on the Security Weekly News podcast. He joined host Dr. Doug White, a professor at Roger Williams University, to discuss strategies related to destructive malware and the new era emerging for this threat.

Unlike ransomware attacks, which usually have a primary goal of making money, destructive malware such as wipers are used to destroy data and create chaos. Fleming and Doug talk through:

  • Why these types of attacks are currently top of mind
  • How nation-state sponsored attacks play into this emerging threat
  • How it differs from ransomware
  • What you need to do differently to protect against these attacks
  • How your crisis response playbook needs to change
  • Strategies that can help you restore operational capabilities

You can hear the listen to the full podcast below. Jump to about the 12:30 mark to listen the segment with Fleming and hear what he has to say.

Fleming and Doug also discuss the impact destructive malware has on speed to recovery and recovery time objectives and the need for what Fleming calls rehydration of your systems using infrastructure as code. See why Fleming says recovering from this type of attack in more complicated than just restoring files and what you need to do to make sure your organization is prepared and your systems are resilient.

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