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e-book: Threat Spotlight: Protecting your business in 2022

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Cybersecurity threats are rapidly evolving. In the latest attacks, cybercriminals are using a range of new techniques and tactics. As cybercriminals fine-tune their approaches, attacks are becoming more targeted, sophisticated, and costly.

Cybercriminals take advantage of social engineering tactics in attacks, using urgency, brevity, and pressure to increase the likelihood of success. Many of the 13 types of email attacks are designed to evade traditional security, including gateways and spam filters. Attacks typically use spoofing techniques and sometimes include “zero-day” links, URLs hosted on domains that haven’t been used in previous attacks or that have been inserted into hijacked legitimate websites; they are unlikely to be blocked by URL protection technologies.

Protecting against ransomware, phishing, and other attacks

To help protect your business from evolving attacks, we put together a new e-book, Threat Spotlight: Protecting your business in 2022. Each month, Barracuda researchers evaluate the current cybersecurity landscape and publish the detailed findings in the Threat Spotlight. The new e-book analyzes that proprietary research from the past 12 months, to provide an outlook of top potential cybersecurity threats for the year ahead and effective solutions that businesses can use to help defend against them.

Don’t miss these informative details about the top potential threats of 2022, including best practices and effective solutions to help stop evolving attacks.

Key takeaways include:

  • How criminals are using the coronavirus, bad bots, social engineering, and other tactics to target and trick victims — and ways you can close the technical and human security gaps
  • Why the current, rapidly developing threat environment requires multi-layered protection to maximize defenses against ransomware, phishing, and attacks on web, app, and software vulnerabilities
  • Which detection techniques and solutions effectively stop sophisticated, expensive, and damaging attacks by leveraging artificial intelligence, automated incident response, and other recent advances to protect your email, network, data, and applications

Get your copy of the new e-book today and see all the details about the top potential cybersecurity threats of 2022 and the best practices to help defend your business against them.

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