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From next-generation firewalls to Firewall-as-a-Service

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The ongoing digitalization and the rise of the public cloud and SaaS application leads to new challenges and requirements for WAN infrastructures. With data, workloads, and applications moving to the cloud, it is a logical approach to implement cloud-based networking and security concepts. Gartner introduced Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), an architectural concept that provides WAN services and security functions as a combined cloud-based solution. SASE combines network security functions such as Firewall-as-a-Service and Zero Trust Network Access with WAN capabilities like SD-WAN to support the dynamic secure access needs of organizations. Gone are the days when the only task of a next-generation firewall was protecting the perimeter. Today, the next-generation firewall as a gateway device needs to act as a transparent enforcement point for centrally managed security policies and at the same time provide uninterrupted and application-optimized connectivity to the cloud, regardless of what types of uplinks are available at the location.

Legacy and innovation

Barracuda has a legacy in designing network security solutions for distributed organizations and was the first vendor to introduce a Microsoft Azure-certified next-generation firewall in the cloud. Barracuda was also the first to provide multi-link support for Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN and to introduce a secure SD-WAN service built natively on Microsoft Azure — Barracuda CloudGen WAN.

Since the first release of CloudGen WAN at Microsoft Ignite in September 2020, we have been expanding the functional range of the solution by adding security and personal access functionality. Barracuda CloudGen WAN has evolved from a global SD-WAN service to a full-fledged SASE offering, integrating all connectivity and security functions in a cloud-delivered service, simplifying management, and mitigating cyber-risks as enterprises embrace increased workforce mobility.

Barracuda’s practical approach to SASE

CloudGen WAN is an easy-to-deploy cloud service featuring a full set of next-generation security features including full emulation sandboxing and secure SD-WAN capabilities. Barracuda’s SASE solution is based on the battle-proof technology stack of CloudGen Firewall and offers the flexibility to perform security inspection and enforcement either in the cloud or on premises.

Barracuda CloudGen solutions are also providing cloud-delivered Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) functionality to connect remote workers securely to corporate resources. A user on any type of device is authenticated via Microsoft Azure Active Directory or any other SAML-compatible authentication provider. Significantly heightened security over legacy VPN solutions is provided by combining multi-factor authentication, device security posture and patch level check as well as application and user aware policies.   The user-to-application context is automatically enforced, replacing the old implicit trust model by a typical software-defined perimeter solution that just extends the network to whoever has a password.

To ensure optimized connectivity and offload enforcement points to the perimeter where needed, Barracuda CloudGen WAN provides a series of cloud service-controlled small footprint hardware or Vx devices for on premises. For typical IoT use cases that require even smaller and fanless solutions for constant connectivity to the cloud, Barracuda provides a series of specialized remote connectivity devices that even provide shock/vibration resistance and extended temperate ranges. All of the aforementioned solutions are controlled via the CloudGen WAN management platform and rolled out quickly with zero-touch deployment.

How customers benefit from Barracuda’s solution

Barracuda CloudGen WAN is gaining traction with organizations adopting the cloud and leveraging Microsoft Azure as central cloud infrastructure and WAN connectivity provider. They need IT systems that can keep up with dynamically changing requirements in a fast-paced environment, and SASE solutions offer the needed flexibility and ease of use. CloudGen WAN provides seamless always-on connectivity to cloud applications and cloud-hosted workloads, reliable enforcement of consistent security policies, simplified central management, full visibility, and control.

Hagedorn Group is a German company in the booming heavy machinery, demolition, and remediation industry. They are rapidly growing their business and acquiring new companies that fit into their line of business. To accommodate that growth, Hagedorn decided to centralize all their services and use Microsoft Azure as the central cloud infrastructure provider. When looking for security and connectivity, they were looking for an enterprise-grade, cloud-native FWaaS and SD-WAN-as-a-Service solution that is both easy-to-use and flexible enough to react and accommodate the often-moving requirements of high-growth companies.

Hans Redlich, IT Lead of Hagedorn Group, said: “Barracuda CloudGen WAN was the only cloud-native FWaaS that provided all the enterprise security levels we needed and even included SD-WAN for uninterrupted connectivity and reliable application access to Azure.”

 Read the full case study to see how Hagedorn, a full-service provider for the complete range of demolition, remediation of contaminated sites, disposal, and material flow management, accelerates business growth by leveraging Barracuda CloudGen WAN and Microsoft Azure.

 Firewall-as-a-Service is an essential element of the technology framework known as Secure Access Service Edge. Read our latest white paper on the topic — How SASE empowers your business for the cloud generation.

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