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Secured.21: Trends and coming developments in email protection

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Email threats keep evolving, growing more sophisticated, difficult to detect, and costly to their victims. And Barracuda responds to this evolution by constantly developing ever more effective and easy-to-use solutions to help our customers prevent, detect, and respond to email-borne attacks.

At Secured.21 — the global virtual customer conference that we held in September — the first session in our breakout email-protection track features VP of Email Protection Products Mike Flouton walking us through the specific ways in which email threats have changed over the years, as well as how we expect them to evolve as we go forward.

In addition, Mike presents the key themes and specific focus areas guiding the coming year’s development roadmaps for Barracuda’s email-protection solutions.

Check out this clip from the session, in which Mike explains the tools and technologies needed to optimize email-threat prevention, detection, and response:

A sneak peek at what’s coming from Barracuda in 2022

In the second half of the presentation, you’ll get an exclusive look at what Barracuda is planning for the coming year, including plenty of improvements and developments inspired by feedback and input from our customers. (But keep it under your hat, OK? This is confidential info!)

Watch the whole session to see what our amazing engineers are working on, including:

  • Improved integration with the SEIM/SOAR/XDM systems you’re already using
  • A single, consistent, and intuitive user interface across all our products
  • More robust administrative controls and greater capability to fine-tune policies

Each of Barracuda’s email protection solutions will see specific improvements to improve detection efficacy, more effective and more highly automated incident-response capabilities, and a converged user experience. Mike explains exactly what that means for each of our products.

There’s no better way to get a complete overview of the state of today’s email threats, how they’re expected to evolve, and how we’re working to address that evolution than to watch this detailed, eye-opening session. You can see it all, along with the rest of the Secured.21 Email Protection track, here.

Watch the full session now

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