Secured.21: Understanding and combating today’s ransomware

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Ransomware can’t make you physically ill. But in some ways, it’s a little bit like the current pandemic: We’re all tired of it, we all want to move on, but it just keeps coming back in new, more dangerous forms — forcing us to spend time, effort, and money on analyzing it and developing effective countermeasures.

That’s why Secured.21 — Barracuda’s first-ever global virtual customer conference, held this past September — included five separate sessions devoted solely to ransomware protection. The first of the five sessions, an interview-style conversation between product manager Loujein Chaer and CTO Fleming Shi, provides an invaluable high-level overview of the state of ransomware today, and of the technologies and strategies you need to effectively combat it.

Here is a quick preview of the session, in which Fleming explains the ways in which modern ransomware has evolved from its relatively simple beginnings — and how it now uses multiple phases and strategies to penetrate and spread within and among networks to find, steal, and compromise your most valuable data.

Fresh perspectives on modern ransomware

Watch the whole session to gain a clear and thorough understanding of modern ransomware, including:

  • The advanced, multi-vector ransomware strategies for penetrating networks, moving laterally within and between them, and accessing your business-critical data
  • The large, organized criminal gangs that compete among each other to develop new techniques and rake in the largest ransom payments
  • The astonishing growth of ransom demands from a few hundred dollars in the early days to today’s demands for tens of millions of dollars
  • The progression from limited sets of target companies to routinely attacking global companies, healthcare, and municipal organizations, infrastructure providers, and more

And in the final section of the session, Lujein and Fleming discuss what you need to do to correctly assess the weak points in your security — whether email protection, network access controls, cloud and SaaS applications, or data protection. They also present the online tools, integrated solutions, and advanced technologies that Barracuda provides to help you ensure that you’re effectively securing all the vectors that today’s sophisticated ransomware seeks to exploit.

Watch the full session — and check out the rest of the Secured.21 Ransomware Protection track — here.

Watch the full session now

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