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Secured.21: Automated Workflows deep dive

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Responding to email security incidents is all about speed and efficiency. When phishing emails land in multiple users’ inboxes, every second it takes you to find and delete them all is an opportunity for one of your users to respond with an unwise click or other action — potentially leading to a costly data breach, financial fraud, ransomware attack, or other painful outcome.

And even if users report a suspicious email that turns out to be benign, it still takes up lots of IT resources and time.

Automated incident-response tools such as those provided by Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response make a big difference. When a phishing email is reported, you can find and delete every incident of the email, and enact protections against future attacks, with just a few keystrokes — slashing risk and conserving resources.

New features: Automated Workflows

In this pre-recorded session from Barracuda’s recent Secured.21 virtual global customer conference, Sheila Hara provides a deep dive into the new Automated Workflows capabilities in Forensics and Incident Response. By building your own customized workflows to address a variety of potential incident profiles — via a simple but powerful interface — you can dramatically improve efficiency and response speed.

Here’s a sample of Sheila’s demo showing how to set up an Automated Workflow:

Watch the whole session to get a complete, detailed explanation of the rich set of capabilities that come with Automated Workflows, including:

  • Workflow collaboration engine: Automated workflows, integration with SOAR/SIEM platforms
  • Ticket and case management engine: User-reported email remediation
  • Orchestration: Manage/control other solutions and technologies
  • Threat intelligence management engine: Barracuda Threat Intelligence network and community-sourced threat intelligence

Try automated workflows

If you’re still using manual incident-response processes, this session will make it abundantly clear how much you have to gain — in terms of resource efficiency and reduced risk — by adopting an automated solution like Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response.

If you are already a Forensics and Incident Response user, you’ll see for yourself how easy it is to gain all the new benefits and capabilities of Automated Workflows. To start using these features right away, sign up for a free trail.

No security can prevent 100% of email threats from penetrating your users’ inboxes. Watch this session to see how to address incidents rapidly and minimize risks to your organization.

Watch the full session

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