Bot attacks

Bad bots on the rise: How to fight back

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Bots account for about half of all internet traffic — and about half of that is due to malicious bots. These bots execute a wide variety of attacks, including web scraping, account takeover, distributed denial of service (DDoS), distributed denial of inventory (DDoI), and more.

During the pandemic, scalper bots were used to hoard face masks and other PPI, along with other items that were in high demand. These bots were also used to target vaccine appointment sites and disrupt supply chains.

And the bad bots are getting more sophisticated, including the ability to evade detection by mimicking human behavior, and the capability to attack vulnerable APIs along with traditional web applications.

Blocking all bot traffic is not a workable solution. Legitimate bots contribute critical services to support the internet-based economy — if you’re a retailer, for example, you depend on search bots being able to scan your inventory. So what’s needed is a bot detection solution that uses advanced technology and innovative strategies to reliably identify and block malicious bots while allowing traffic from legitimate bots and humans. And it shouldn’t impair the customer experience like CAPTCHA and other such awkward access-control mechanisms.

A new report entitled “Bot Attacks: Top Threats and Trends” collects all the latest intel about bot-based threats and provides insightful analysis of how that information impacts security planning for organizations like yours.

Expert insights on bot attacks

To get the whole story, attend an upcoming webinar featuring Barracuda VP of Product Management for Application Security Nitzan Miron and Senior Product Manager for Application Security Tushar Richabadas, who will walk us through the report’s core findings and share key takeaways — including the importance of Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) solutions to effectively combat malicious bots. Register here to join us on November 18.

At the webinar, you’ll get answers to your questions about modern bot defense, including the central role of machine learning and deep threat intelligence data to spot and block malicious bots — without the false-positive findings that can frustrate legitimate users and customers.

Tushar and Nitzan will also discuss the importance of being able to gain complete visibility into all traffic across your application infrastructure.

Don’t miss this important webinar. Attend and get the insights and best practices you need to ensure ongoing protection against growing numbers of malicious bot attacks.

Bot attacks: Top threats and trends

Thursday, November 18, 2021
10 a.m. – 11 a.m. PDT

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