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Don’t pay the ransom: A three-step guide to ransomware protection

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It’s a nightmare scenario for any organization — your business just got hit by a successful ransomware attack. What do you do? Do you pay the ransom, hoping you get your data back quickly and get operations back to normal as soon as possible? Or have you taken the necessary precautions to avoid paying the ransom?

Your company might have cyber insurance or other resources to pay a ransom, but it’s extremely dangerous to assume that paying a ransom will get your data restored. There is no guarantee that hackers will unencrypt data when a ransom payment is made, and if they do, the latest research shows that 80% of organizations that paid a ransom were attacked again.

On top of that, ransomware attacks are happening more frequently, and ransom demands are increasing dramatically. Recent Barracuda research shows that the average ransomware ask per incident is over $10 million.

You should assume there will be ransomware attacks against your company. If the attack is successful, you should have a plan to not pay the ransom.

Developing your ransomware protection plan

To help you protect your business from ransomware and make a plan not to pay the ransom, we put together a new e-book — Don’t pay the ransom: A three-step guide to ransomware protection.

Protecting your company from ransomware attacks is all about protecting your data. In the e-book, we break this down into three focus areas: protecting your credentials, securing your web applications and access, and backing up your data.

Don’t miss this step-by-step guide about how to protect each of these critical areas. Key takeaways in this new e-book include:

  • The most effective detection and response tools and user training to help protect against credential theft and create a culture of awareness
  • The current best practices to secure web applications and access, stop cybercriminals from exploiting vulnerabilities, and protect your network infrastructure
  • The backup and disaster recovery solutions to ensure you always maintain access to your data and never have to pay a ransom

Get your free copy of the e-book now and see all the latest data, analysis, and solutions for yourself.

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