Video: Barracuda Cloud Application Protection and Web Application Firewall

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Brett Wolmarans has put together a new video explaining Barracuda Cloud Application Protection (CAP), WAF-as-a-Service (WAFaaS), and more.  Brett is one of our experts in application security, and recently published this article on Barracuda WAFaaS and the REST API.

The video is roughly ten minutes long and it’s packed with some great content.  The first half of the video explains Barracuda Cloud Application with an emphasis on these key topics:

  • The role and significance of cloud application protection
  • Why cloud application protection is more than a web application firewall and OWASP Top 10 protection
  • The fundamental building blocks of Barracuda Cloud Application Protection

Brett uses the second half of the video as a mini-demo and brief introduction to the management interface of Barracuda Cloud Application Protection. You will see the dashboard, configuration interfaces, threat reporting, and more.


Barracuda Cloud Application Protection secures your applications with one simple platform that is powerful, easy-to-use, and able to protect any web app environment regardless of deployment.  Barracuda Active Threat Intelligence provides your environment with near real-time protection against new threats and attackers. Visit our website to get more information and a free trial.

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