State of Network Security in 2021

Webinar: The State of Network Security 2021

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Based on independent research firm Vanson Bourne's survey of hundreds of IT decision-makers around the world, a recent Barracuda report titled The state of network security in 2021  sheds important light on the current state of network security. It reveals how organizations are leveraging Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) strategies to deal with network breaches and ransomware attacks, and to manage the challenges of widely distributed remote workforces.

There’s a lot of information to digest in this report, but as usual, Barracuda’s got your back. On October 21, we’ll be hosting a live webinar where Sinan Eren (VP, Zero Trust Access, ZTNA Engineering) and Mike Goldgof (VP Product Marketing, DNA Security) will go through the report’s key findings and provide a detailed explanation of what they mean in terms of practical, actionable insights that you can use.

Key takeaways on network security

If you’re not yet on the SASE bandwagon, or aren’t sure it’s right for your organization, this is a must-attend event. Mike and Sinan will clearly explain how SASE takes your security infrastructure to the next level, by combining cutting-edge network security, modern SD-WAN, and Zero Trust Network Access technologies. This can dramatically improve overall efficiency — and reduce costs — while making it easy to manage the changes brought by digital transformation, changes brought by the pandemic, and the rapid growth of cloud-based services.

Even better, you’ll find out how new, advanced technologies can make SASE implementation much faster and easier than ever before.

One unmistakable takeaway from the State of Network Security in 2021 report is that SASE is the future of business networking — and that your peers around the world are rapidly putting it to work for them. Register now for this eye-opening webinar and be sure you get the info you need to stay ahead of the newest threats while managing the rapid changes affecting how you maintain a competitive edge in today’s environment.

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The state of network security in 2021

Thursday, October 21, 2021
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