Secured 21

Why we’re looking forward to Secured.21 (and you should too)

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Secured.21, Barracuda’s virtual customer conference, is just a few days away, and we can’t wait to kick things off and share all the interesting and informative sessions our teams have been preparing. If you haven’t saved your spot yet, register now so you can join us. This free virtual event will be taking place September 14 to 16 with interactive content for a half day each day, focusing on how Barracuda solutions can solve customers’ problems.

This is Barracuda’s first customer conference, so we caught up with a few executives to get their take on the event and see what they’re looking forward to the most.

Executive perspectives on Secured.21

Hatem Naguib“I’m honored to be starting off Secured.21 by giving the first keynote presentation on the first day of the event. I’ll be talking about how we’re helping our customers build a safer world and how our innovative solutions can help you meet the demands of today’s increasingly dynamic threats. I’m really looking forward to setting the scene for all the insights we’ll be sharing on industry trends and threat research, and in hands-on technical sessions and labs. It should be a really informative three days!”

— Hatem Naguib, President & CEO


“Looking forward to Barracuda Secured.21 Customer Conference! It will be a terrific opportunity to network and exchange ideas with Barracuda customers and partners. I’ll be participating in a roundtable with Hatem, Fleming, Hoss, Tim Jefferson, and Don MacLennan on the first day of Secured.21, and it should be a great, interactive discussion. We’ll be answering questions customers ask during the session, so I’m excited to see where the conversation takes us.”

—Nicole Napiltonia, VP of Alliances


Fleming Shi“I’m really excited about the ransomware protection track that we’ll be presenting on day two. As our recent research on ransomware shows, this threat is evolving quickly, and businesses need to stay informed to keep up. From looking at how to develop a comprehensive ransomware prevention strategy to sessions and demos digging into what you need to know about the different attack vectors for ransomware and the latest on effective backups against ransomware, we’ll be covering a lot of really important info.”

— Fleming Shi, CTO


Hossein Ghazizadeh“I might be a little biased, but I think the sessions with our support team on day three are what will really make Secured.21 unique. With sessions on best practices for working with the support team, office hours with our support leaders, and training sessions with our top technical trainers, we’ll be doing a lot to help set customers up for success.”

— Hossein Ghazizadeh, Chief Services Officer


There’s still time to join us for this special interactive event. It is open to all customers and partners, so save your spot today and check out the agenda for your location!

Save your spot at Secured.21

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