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Threat Spotlight webinar: The three stages of ransomware

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It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago, ransomware was a rare, exotic form of attack that few organizations needed to worry about very much. Since then, of course, ransomware has exploded in frequency and in the amount of ransom demanded by the criminals who use it. Highly organized crime syndicates work full-time to devise new ways to penetrate your network and encrypt (and often steal) your critical data.

Keeping up with the latest developments in ransomware is hard work—but you’re in luck: We’ve been doing it for you! And on August 25, you have the opportunity to attend a new, up-to-the-minute webinar where you’ll get all the details on how the newest, multi-vector ransomware campaigns work—and how to ensure that your security infrastructure is up to the task of defeating them. Register now.

Ransomware insights

At this Threat Spotlight webinar, Barracuda CTO Fleming Shi and Senior Product Marketing Manager Stasia Hurley—our resident ransomware experts—will share the results of our latest research on new ransomware techniques. They’ll also fill you in on the details of the three stages of modern ransomware attacks:

  1. Sophisticated, evasive phishing emails that are used to harvest credentials
  2. Application-layer attacks that use those credentials to access your apps—including, if possible, your backup system—and seek out valuable data, often by moving laterally within your network
  3. Encryption and exfiltration of that data and the delivery of ransom demands

Then they’ll walk you through a checklist of every step you should be taking to optimally protect all three of those vectors. You’ll get all the info you need to identify the gaps, if any, in your defensive posture, along with specific recommendations for closing those gaps.

I’ll tell you something: If this were an in-person event, you wouldn’t be reading this blog post, because we’d already have filled every seat available—the response we’ve already gotten to this webinar exceeds that for any webinar we’ve ever offered, by a significant margin. But thanks to the magic of the internet, there’s plenty of room available, and it’s not too late to reserve your spot.

Don’t miss this one. Register now so when (not if) ransomware crooks come your way, you can say NO to paying ransom and send them away empty-handed.

Free webinar

The Three Stages of Ransomware: Threat Spotlight Findings and Analysis

Wednesday, August 25, 2021
10 a.m. – 11 a.m. PDT

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