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New track added to Secured.21 Customer Conference

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Secured.21, Barracuda’s first customer conference, is happening September 14 to 16, and we just gave you another great reason to join us. Extended Detection and Response (XDR) sessions have been added to the agenda.

In these exciting new sessions, customers will hear from our XDR product leaders and technical experts as they walk through our strategy, roadmap, and security trends. Customers who attend these sessions will get:

  • A first-hand look at the proactive stance XDR provides against threat actors
  • Insight into how XDR mitigates cyber risk with enhanced visibility and support
  • An exclusive preview of Barracuda’s Managed XDR platform and the benefits of 24×7 threat detection and response without the significant staffing and training costs

The XDR journey

Let’s take a closer look at the sessions included in this new track.

Deep Dive: Innovating Beyond XDR

Now that you know what XDR is, learn about Barracuda's strategy to make it consumable for our customers and partners. Learn about our investments and future plans in this area, what they mean for our offering to you, and how you can confidently embark on the next phase of your journey, with XDR.

Deep Dive: A Day in the SOC: Real Time Monitoring and Incident Response

Leveraging our Security Operations Center, our partners can offer powerful services such as 24×7 remediation and incident response. Join this session for an in-depth view of how our SOC operates on a day-to-day basis. Discover how we provide our partners with immediate alerts, offer effective and consistent incident response, and participate in threat hunting to take a proactive stance against cyber threats.

Demo: XDR in Action

Improving your security posture is key to addressing emerging threats efficiently in the current cyber landscape. Get an exclusive preview of our Managed XDR platform, which allows you to add experts to your team and benefit from 24×7 threat detection and response without the significant staffing and training costs. Discover how we provide our customers with the visibility and reporting they need to detect threats faster and mitigate client risk.

Beyond XDR

In addition to XDR, the other focus areas you can choose from at Secured.21 include:

  • Email Protection Journey
  • Network Security Journey
  • Cloud & App Security Journey
  • Data Protection Journey
  • Ransomware Protection Journey

Pick the track that interests you most or mix and match to customize your conference experience.

Join us for this informative customer conference covering a wide range of security topics and trends, including hands-on technical sessions, new product announcements, and the latest innovations in email protection, application and cloud security, network security, and data protection. It is open to all customers and partners, so save your spot today and check out the agenda to get all the details!

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