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Interactive e-book: Office 365 backup challenges and solutions

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Backup. Since the beginning of the computer age, we’ve been urging each other to back up our data. It’s always been important—and it’s far too often been treated as an afterthought.

But with today’s highly evolved ransomware running rampant, having a modern, cloud-integrated backup solution can mean the difference between paying a large ransom and/or shutting down operations for days or weeks—and immediately restoring all your compromised data so that your operations don’t skip a beat and ransomware criminals go home empty-handed.

Now’s a great time to re-examine your backup strategies. In particular, if you’re one of the 67% of surveyed IT decision makers relying on Microsoft’s native data-retention features to cover your backup needs, it’s critical for you to understand the limitations and risks involved with that strategy—and to learn about the essential requirements for optimally protecting all your data, whether in the cloud or on-premises.

3 requirements for modern backup

Barracuda has produced a new interactive e-book that breaks down the realities of cloud data protection and provides clear and detailed info about the three broad requirements for an effective, modern backup solution:

  1. It has to be simple and easy to use. Complex configuration and management eats into your resources and can lead to errors that leave you vulnerable to data loss.
  2. It has to be comprehensive and flexible. Backing up and restoring any file, folder, or entire server easily—whether from Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive, or from legacy on-premises and virtual servers—ensures you can always recover immediately if data is deleted or corrupted, either accidentally or maliciously.
  3. It has to be cloud-native and scalable. With your data already in the cloud, a cloud-based, SaaS-model backup solution makes the most sense in terms of simplicity, scalability, and security.

The e-book is organized around some of the findings of a recent survey of 1,820 IT decision-makers around the globe, such as the fact that 76% feel that a close relationship between Microsoft and their backup vendor is critical, or that 80% want a backup solution that can start working within minutes of signing up. (You can get  a free copy of the survey report, The State of Office 365 Backup 2021, here.)

Of course, the e-book also shows you how our Cloud-to-Cloud Backup service—which Barracuda and Microsoft co-developed in the Microsoft cloud environment—fulfills all these requirements, and how it is uniquely easy to buy, configure, and use to protect all your data against loss.

Don’t wait until a costly mistake or a devastating ransomware attack reveals that data you thought was protected, wasn’t. Read our e-book and get informed about what it takes to secure your organization with a modern, cloud-based backup solution.

Check out the interactive e-book

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