post-delivery email threats

Threat Spotlight webinar: Post-delivery email threats

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If you’re like most people, you probably think of email security as mostly a matter of identifying malicious email as it comes in and blocking it from getting into anyone’s inbox. And, of course, that is a very important component of your comprehensive email security strategy.

But the truth is that even with the very best secure email gateway, there will always be some advanced, highly evasive phishing emails that slip through and land in your users’ inboxes. And then you’re in a race against time. You need to spot them, figure out every inbox they’re in, delete them, and ensure that next time they show up, they won’t get through.

And you have to do all that as fast as possible. Every minute lost is a chance for one of your users to fall victim to the scam, respond unwisely, and potentially trigger an attack that ultimately can result in a very costly data breach.

Fortunately, there are tools and strategies available to ensure that every stage of those incident response processes is as effective and as quick as possible. Even better, there’s a Threat Spotlight webinar coming up on July 14 where you’ll get all the info you need to implement them quickly and easily.

How the webinar can help you

At the webinar, Principal Product Marketing Manager Olesia Klevchuk, Product Marketing Manager Stephanie Cavigliano, and Senior Product Manager Sheila Hara will share the latest findings from Barracuda research on the ever-evolving nature of the email threat landscape, as well as reveal the tools and strategies you can use to:

  • Improve user security awareness, so that your users can spot phishing emails in their inboxes faster, more reliably, and more accurately
  • Automate—and dramatically accelerate—your incident-response processes so that you can find and delete every instance of a malicious email within minutes of a user report (rather than hours or days)
  • Share threat data across solutions and platforms to rapidly ensure that the same threat can never again get past your gateway or other security measures

Plus, you’ll see how modern inbox-defense solutions can uncover and neutralize threats that your gateway can’t see and that have already reached inboxes—even before a user reports their presence.

It would be great if we could filter out 100% of malicious emails (and 0% of legitimate ones) pre-delivery at the gateway, but we’re just not there yet. Until that day, post-delivery email security, incident response, and remediation are critical components of a strong security posture. Register now for this important webinar where you’ll find out everything you need to know about how to fully protect your organization against today’s advanced, evasive email threats.

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Threat Spotlight: Post-delivery email threats

Wednesday, July 14, 2021
11 a.m. – 12 p.m. PDT

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