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Below the Surface: The rising threat of ransomware

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Get excited! The next episode of our LinkedIn Live show, Below the Surface, is happening today, and if you've been following the ransomware attacks dominating the headlines in recent weeks, you won't want to tune in for this discussion. The episode will stream live on the Barracuda LinkedIn page on Thursday, July 1 at 9 a.m. PDT / 12 p.m. EDT / 5 p.m. BST.

Hosts Darshna Kamini and Stephanie Cavigliano will be speaking with Fleming Shi, Chief Technology Officer at Barracuda, and Tim Jefferson, Senior Vice President for Barracuda’s Data, Networking and Application (DNA) product division, about the latest developments in ransomware, why the impact from this type of attack seems to be growing rapidly, and how to protect against it.

Below the Surface is a LinkedIn Live series that features Barracuda leaders and experts and our colleagues across the industry. Past episodes have included the state of application security, cloud-native backup strategy, advancing women in technology, the future of work, improving cybersecurity awareness, and more. There is an opportunity for viewers to participate and ask questions through LinkedIn comments.

Tim and Fleming will be discussing:

  • Key trends in ransomware and why it seems to be making a comeback
  • What threat vectors are used for ransomware attacks
  • The role other types of attacks play in the spread of ransomware
  • How organizations can protect themselves and avoid paying the ransom

Join Tim, Fleming, and the team today, Thursday, July 1 at 9 a.m. PDT / 12 p.m. EDT / 5 p.m. BST on LinkedIn. We would love to see you there!

Missed the live broadcast? No problem! Watch the replay below or check out past episodes on the Barracuda website.

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