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Webinar: Getting the most from your cloud-based network

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More organizations are turning to networking in the cloud as a way to improve connectivity and simplify the deployment and management of globally distributed networks. But optimizing those solutions to get the most out of the benefits they can bring is a critical step.

To help give you expert guidance, we’re bringing together three cloud networking leaders:

  • Gemma Allen, Security Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft
  • Nikhil Bedi, Cloud Solutions Architect at Barracuda
  • Tom Ricardo, Head of Cloud Strategy and Solutions at Vandis

Gemma, Nikhil, and Tom will be discussing how you can leverage the Microsoft Global Network and Barracuda CloudGen WAN to improve visibility and add performance to your modern workplace.

How the webinar can help you

Get practical, actionable insights on how to optimize the value of a network run in Azure by joining this enlightening discussion between cloud networking leaders from Microsoft, Barracuda, and Vandis.

Attend the third in a series of virtual events to discover the:

  • Strategies and tools you can use today to fully leverage the Microsoft Global Network
  • Operational benefits of the cloud-as-a-network with optimal connectivity security
  • Fully outsourced management services from Vandis so you stay focused on your business

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Getting the most from your cloud-based network

Wednesday, June 30, 2021
10 a.m. – 11 a.m. PDT

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