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2021 application security webinar: Trending threats, new responses

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If you’ve been paying attention to trends in application security lately, you know the threat landscape is evolving quickly. There’s a new generation of evasive bots, multi-vector attacks are on the rise, and threat actors are using new technologies to find and exploit vulnerabilities faster than ever.

A new survey report breaks down these trends and shows you what IT pros like you are saying, thinking, and doing about application security—especially as they transition more workloads to the cloud and build a more complex application infrastructure.

Insights on application security

To get the whole story, attend this webinar, where three seasoned experts—Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect Nills Franssens, Barracuda Senior Product Marketing Manager Tushar Richabadas, and Vice President of Product Management, Application Security Nitzan Miron—will discuss insights gained from the report and what they mean for the state of application security over the rest of 2021.

They’ll discuss the recent data breaches and the top application security vulnerabilities behind them, along with the strategies that respondents around the globe are using, or planning to use, to combat them.

You’ll also find out about how Microsoft and Barracuda collaborate to predict and stay ahead of these trends, and about application security solutions are more capable, more fully cloud-integrated, and much, much easier to use than traditional web application firewalls.

These days, with ever-shorter development cycles and rapidly expanding cloud deployments, it’s critical to stay informed about the latest application-layer threats and how to fight them. And this is a perfect opportunity to get the latest insights from some of the smartest in the business. You can register for the webinar right here.

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The state of application security in 2021

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

10 a.m. – 11 a.m. PDT

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