CloudGen WAN: Secure cloud connectivity

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Note: This blog is the first in a series of three.

The cloud is here to stay. In fact, you might say the clouds are here: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and, of course, Amazon Web Services. These major cloud vendors, along with dozens of other smaller ones, are delivering solutions to millions of enterprises around the globe. It should be noted that the cloud has helped to solve problems in surprising yet effective ways. For example, Azure’s Virtual WAN (vWAN) technology can be used as a replacement for expensive, inflexible, and often convoluted WAN/SD-WAN deployments based on legacy technologies like MPLS. How does that work?

Azure vWAN is a critical part of a larger, robust SD-WAN solution called Barracuda CloudGen WAN. Co-engineered with Barracuda Networks, CloudGen WAN (CGW) is a powerful, cloud-scalable, secure, and easy-to-implement SD-WAN solution. Data travels over the Microsoft Global Network, one of the largest backbone networks in the world. Physical sites are connected using simple but powerful devices built by Barracuda. Everything is controlled with an elegant web-based interface. The result is a SaaS-based SD-WAN solution that is fast, reliable, scalable, and cost-effective.

Consider the following illustration:

CloudGen WAN


Without any expensive leased lines (i.e. MPLS) all branches and endpoints can communicate with each other securely. The primary headquarters location has an optional ExpressRoute connection into Azure, but in most cases a simple internet connection is sufficient. For redundancy, some customers will choose to employ two or more independent ISP connections. Now imagine that another on-prem location needs to be connected. In the traditional WAN paradigm, it would take weeks or months to engineer the connectivity with MPLS and related equipment. CloudGen WAN does not suffer from these expensive and arbitrary limitations. A new site could be configured in just a few hours or less.

In short, CloudGen WAN addresses a number of issues when deploying an SD-WAN solution. CloudGen WAN is secure, employing Barracuda CloudGen Firewall technology at each site, obviating the need to backhaul traffic to a central location solely for security to be applied. It can be deployed quickly right from the Azure Marketplace with zero-touch deployment options and default configurations already in place. CloudGen WAN is fast, especially for cloud and SaaS applications. Finally, it removes the burden of maintaining expensive MPLS circuits.

You may be wondering if CloudGen WAN is right for your enterprise and what is involved. Our next blog in this series will feature Tom Ricardo, the VP of Cloud at Vandis, a Microsoft Gold Partner and a Barracuda Cloud Partner certified on our SD-WAN solution — they are the “go-to” for the details about sizing and deploying the cloud in Azure. Want to learn more first? Visit the Barracuda CloudGen WAN page for product details or the Vandis Managed SD-WAN page for details on their all-inclusive service.


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