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How Barracuda and Microsoft work together to make your digital world more secure

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Have you heard about the co-development partnership between Microsoft and Barracuda? It’s been going on for a few years now, and it’s resulted in a number of innovative tools and platforms that you should know about. And there’s an upcoming online panel discussion where you can find out all about them.

There is a real synergy at work between our two companies. (Yeah, I know, the word synergy is overused, but it really does apply here.) Microsoft dev teams have unmatched understanding of cloud computing and networking, whereas at Barracuda our teams have been creating security tools and platforms for cloud-based and hybrid networks for years. Both companies have built a strong ability to look ahead and accurately foresee how organizations will be working in the future, and to pre-emptively create the solutions that they don’t yet know they’ll need.

Microsoft’s ability to project and prepare for future cloud adoption, combined with Barracuda’s ability to foresee and forestall the ways in which future cyber threats will evolve and adapt dovetail perfectly to drive the innovations you’ll be benefitting from in both the near- and long-term. The driving goals of the Barracuda/Microsoft partnership are to create solutions that help IT pros like you navigate upcoming changes to be more productive and efficient, enjoy more operational continuity, and stay secure from fast-evolving threats.

“Great, Tony. Synergy, got it. Could you maybe just be a little more specific though?”

How the webinar can help you

Okay, specifics. Attend this online session to find out how the innovations born from this partnership can help you:

  • Address the challenges of securely managing a hybrid remote/on-premises workforce using trust-based network access control (aka Zero Trust Network Access, or ZTNA)
  • Protect your entire ecosystem from application-layer attacks with integrated application security platforms that are both easier to use and more capable than traditional WAFs (e.g., WAF-as-a-Service and Cloud Application Platform)
  • Prevent data loss across hybrid networks with advanced, cloud-based backup solutions that require no onsite hardware or manual intervention except to restore deleted files (e.g., Cloud-to-Cloud Backup that integrates seamlessly to protect all your Office 365 data as well as on-prem data)

And plenty more. Besides walking through the story behind these collaborative innovations, the panelists will also talk about how they see the future shaping up as we emerge from the pandemic, and how Barracuda and Microsoft are planning to deliver yet more innovative solutions to address emerging needs and challenges.

You can register for this May 20 event right now. And if you want to see how two recognized leaders in their industries can combine their talents to create the technology you’ll be relying on tomorrow and the day after, you should. I hope to see you there.

Free webinar

Innovating for a Secure Future: Microsoft and Barracuda address emerging threats

Thursday, May 20, 2021

9 a.m. – 10 a.m. PDT

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