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Securing the post-pandemic workforce: Advanced strategies for a hybrid world

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There’s no shortage of opinions being shared about how we should expect work to look in a post-pandemic world. But some are more worth listening to than others. And Fleming Shi’s is definitely one of the former.

As Barracuda’s Chief Technology Officer, Fleming is responsible for taking a holistic view of the IT world, projecting how that world will evolve in both the near and long term, and driving the development of new technologies and security strategies that meet the challenges and threats that are likely to emerge.

That’s why the hosts of Security Weekly were excited to sit down with Fleming for a recent episode to get his take on the long-term changes that we’ll see as a result of the past year—and on the security and data-protection innovations that will ensure secure workforces, networks, applications, and data as we move into this new world. See the full conversation here.

Over the course of the 20-minute talk, you’ll find out:

  • Why Fleming predicts a large-scale move to a truly hybrid workforce, in which flexibility to work anytime, anywhere, with any device is the rule—and why this will drive widespread adoption of Zero Trust Network Access strategies that continuously monitor each user, device, resource, and tool
  • How and why application security will need to transition from a point solution to a true platform that encompasses the entire development process as well as the behavior of apps in production
  • Why email will continue to be both the top productivity tool and the top vector for threat actors to penetrate networks—and how advanced security solutions must harness the latest technologies to stay ahead of new modes of attack

And that’s just a taste of the insights he shares in this fascinating interview. Basically, if you want to know what to expect in the coming year, and how you’ll be securing your users, data, apps, and networks, this interview is definitely worth your time. Watch now.

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