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Barracuda wins Best Customer Service in the 2021 SC Awards

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Big news! This morning, the winners of the 2021 SC Awards were revealed, and we’re excited to share that Barracuda won the Excellence Award for Best Customer Service.

Now in its 25th year, 2021’s SC Awards were the most competitive yet, with a record 579 entries. Winners in the Excellence Award category were selected by a panel of IT security experts from both the private and public sector. During the judging process, each finalist went through a rigorous evaluation that included in-depth analysis, analyst reports, and/or product reviews. After a thorough and comprehensive analysis of each finalist's strengths, Barracuda was chosen as the winner of Best Customer Service.

“Events of the last year shined a bright spotlight on security gaps, which in turn provided opportunity for the vendor community. But it also serves as a litmus test, demonstrating which were nimble enough to handle increased demand, which were willing to rethink product roadmaps to serve customers. Winners of our Excellence Awards excelled despite these unprecedented challenges,” said Jill Aitoro, editor in chief of SC Media.

What Barracuda customers are saying

We wanted to share a few quotes from Barracuda customers that shed light on the ways our support team helps customers succeed.

“Honestly, the first person that you get on the phone, it's usually the last person you talk to because they know everything that they need to know to solve your problem. The support team has made our lives significantly easier because when you get them on the phone, they know what the problem is. They know how to find it, and in most cases, resolve it. If I can sing any praises to Barracuda, it's their support. Your support is second to none. In all of the vendors that we have in our architecture, there's no one better. What can I say? We love working with the team at Barracuda.” — Kaleb Mercer, Director of IT at Rödl & Partner USA

“We’ve always gotten great support from Barracuda,” Zach Peer, director of technology and managed hosting at One North says. “Problems will always happen. But how you deal with them is what matters. For us it matters that Barracuda provides the support we need for our complex and unique security posture.”

“Implementation was super quick,” says IT Manager Niels Smets of Syntra about Barracuda Total Email Protection. “We even had the help of a dedicated engineer. The few times that issues came up, Barracuda solved them right away and with a really clear dedication to giving the customer a painless experience.”

We also recently spoke with Hossein Ghazizadeh, Chief Services Officer at Barracuda, and he shared insights on the team’s approach to customer service and how they continually innovate in this Q&A.

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