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e-book: Threat Spotlight: Protecting your business in 2021

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Beware of rapidly-emerging cybersecurity threats. Cybercriminals are morphing their attack techniques, using a range of new tactics to try to increase their success. From coronavirus-related phishing and form-based attacks to IoT malware and conversation hijacking, cybercriminals continue to evolve the threat landscape in an ongoing attempt to outsmart more potential victims and monetize their attacks.

The costs and damages associated with attacks can be extreme. There are a wide range of financial impacts, including business interruption, reduced productivity, data loss, regulatory fines and brand damage. Business email compromise attacks, which make up a small percentage of all cyberattacks, have cost organizations worldwide billions of dollars in recent years.

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Protecting against the top potential cybersecurity threats

To help protect your business from evolving attacks, we put together a new e-book, Threat Spotlight: Protecting your business in 2021. Each month, Barracuda researchers evaluate the current cybersecurity landscape and publish the detailed findings in the Threat Spotlight. The new e-book analyzes that proprietary research from the past 12 months, to provide an outlook of top potential cybersecurity threats for the year ahead and effective solutions that businesses can use to help defend against them.

Don’t miss this in-depth look at the top potential cybersecurity threats of 2021, including their risks and impacts on businesses, and how a multi-layered protection strategy can address human and technical gaps to maximize cybersecurity and minimize the risk of falling victim to sophisticated attacks, including phishing, malware and other top threats.

Key takeaways include:

Get your copy of the new e-book today and see all the details about the top potential cybersecurity threats of 2021 and the best practices to help defend your business against them.

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