Save time and heartache with a complimentary CDW assessment of your public cloud’s security

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In late 2020, we launched a complimentary CDW cloud security posture assessment in partnership with Barracuda. This assessment provides you a guided trial of Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian, so that you have a dedicated CDW expert combing through findings to make recommendations for you on what to prioritize right off the bat. Our goal is to ensure you can quickly leverage Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian for immediate action steps towards a stronger security and compliance posture.

How does the assessment work?

Once you sign up and complete a brief authorization form, your assigned CDW cloud security expert will call you for a 10-minute kick-off conversation to gather basic information about your public cloud usage. Then they’ll help you onboard your public cloud account(s) in read-only mode to Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian. The next step is the findings and recommendations presentation (30-60 mins), where your CDW cloud security expert will share priority areas for remediation, as well as how to maximize your use of Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian. After the presentation, you can access Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian directly to export desired reports and dig into findings as much as you’d like.

What kind of access does this assessment require?

The only thing we are able to see through this process is configuration metadata – in other words, how your cloud environment is configured. You onboard in read-only mode, so neither we nor Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian can make changes to anything.

How has this assessment helped organizations so far?

Every organization we’ve worked with so far has discovered critical opportunities for improvement. Two of the most common issues we see are data security and access control misconfigurations. For example, some organizations find out that data isn’t being consistently encrypted in transit (or at rest), and this is a key requirement for their compliance. Others find that critical resources are exposed in unintended ways, creating serious vulnerabilities. The fact is, with the complexity of cloud infrastructures, it’s too easy to lose track of all the moving pieces and best practices. We help you get back on track.


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