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What’s new in the redesigned Barracuda Email Threat Scanner

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Today, we were excited to announce the roll out of an updated version of Barracuda Email Threat Scanner, a free tool that helps businesses detect email threats, such as spear phishing, business email compromise, and conversation hijacking, that got past their email gateway. The refreshed Barracuda Email Threat Scanner brings a complete user interface update to the scanner’s dashboard.

Each scan provides a report on attacks found inside the environment, as well as at-risk domains and employees. This helps organizations identify gaps in existing email protection and assess email security vulnerabilities.

A closer look at what’s new

Enhanced scan preview experience

A new scan preview page allows customers to monitor the scan progress bar while the scan is running. They will also have access to early results as Email Threat Scanner scans mailboxes and finds attacks. For example, service providers can initiate the scan at the beginning of a client call and have some preliminary results ready to share by the end of the one-hour call to demonstrate immediate value.

Email Threat Scanner

Improved dashboard reporting of detected threats

Better visualization of detected threats makes it easier to hone in on specific insights, interpret the data and see highlighted threats faced by organizations today. Customers will continue to have the ability to review specific email examples.

Email Threat Scan

14-day free trial of Barracuda Sentinel

Customers will now be able to launch a 14-day Sentinel trial directly from ETS either in enforcement or reporting mode, giving them a chance to experience the benefits of ongoing protection.

Email Threat Scan

It takes less than two minutes to sign up for the Barracuda Email Threat Scanner, so the process is quick and easy. Plus, it’s completely safe and secure, and it will have no impact on your email performance.

Try the redesigned Barracuda Email Threat Scanner today to see all these new features and improvements for yourself.

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