Insights and predictions: cybersecurity and the “new normal” of work

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When it comes to work, the “new normal” sure doesn’t feel normal yet—and for that matter, it really isn’t new anymore either. Some might even say it’s very abnormal—and getting old real fast.

One big, not-so-welcome change is the way that the explosion of remote work has created new vulnerabilities to cyber threats—and how cybercriminals are seizing the opportunity to launch a vast barrage of new attacks that target distracted workers and exploit pandemic concerns.

Cybersecurity in 2021 and beyond

That’s why you shouldn't miss a timely and important Barracuda webinar coming up on February 17.  It’s called “The future of work: Cybersecurity in 2021 and beyond,” and it features some real heavy hitters whose insights and opinions matter:

  • Barracuda Chief Technology Officer Fleming Shi
  • Barracuda Zero Trust Access VP Sinan Eren
  • Special guest panelist Kathy Wong, Very Good Security CISO and former head of security for Gitlab

Join us at the webinar to hear firsthand what these security leaders see as the top cybersecurity trends to look out for in 2021. They'll share their thoughts on how cybercriminals are extending the enterprise attack surface, as well as insights about the security strategies and technologies that are emerging to help organizations like yours combat new threats.

They'll also talk about why they believe that remote work is here to stay, even when the pandemic has abated—and what that means for cybersecurity going forward through this year and beyond.

So, if your job involves ensuring IT security for a mostly remote workforce—and if you are reading this, it probably does—then this is sure to be one webinar you won't want to miss. Register now, be sure to attend, and get both the big picture and the detailed insights you're going to need in 2021.

The way we work today may not be new, and it may not be normal anytime soon, but at least it can be secure if you know what to expect.

Free webinar

Ransomware in 2021: Protecting your data in the evolving threat landscape

January 20, 2021

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PST

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