‘Cloud-first’ FinLocker secures sensitive data with Barracuda solutions for Azure

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Companies around the world are changing the ways they do business. Digital technology has enabled companies to improve customer experience, increase internal efficiencies, and create demand for new products and services. One of the companies that emerged from this digital transformation is FinLocker, a personal financial assistance tool that enables users to financially prepare to apply for loans and other financial transactions.

FinLocker was founded in 2014 with a goal to create and add value to relationships between lenders and consumers. FinLocker partners with lenders that invite potential customers to the FinLocker service. Consumers can then access a variety of tools to help them achieve homeownership and other financial goals. Because FinLocker needs access to sensitive personal and financial data in order to conduct business, the company prioritizes privacy and data security in its operations.

Bryan Garcia of FinLocker joins Thomas McKenzie of Barracuda to discuss several aspects of FinLocker’s business and infrastructure:


In this video, you’ll hear about:

  • Why FinLocker chose Microsoft Azure to meet its needs while still in start-up
  • The origins and growth of the Barracuda and FinLocker relationship
  • How Barracuda’s seamless integration with Azure Active Directory helps secure FinLocker’s data and other resources
  • The benefits of deploying an integrated security solution from Barracuda and Azure
  • How Barracuda and Azure help FinLocker improve the customer experience

Barracuda is a Microsoft Gold Partner and a founding member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). Our strategic partnership has enabled us to build Barracuda CloudGen WAF for Azure and Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian, both available in the Azure Marketplace. These Barracuda solutions add an additional layer of security to FinLocker’s all-public-cloud platform, helping them protect their business and customers.

Barracuda simplifies migration to the cloud with multiple award-winning, cloud-native solutions that protect your data and secure your network and applications. Visit our website here for more information on our solutions for Microsoft Azure.




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