Reader favorites from 2020

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The end of the year is always a great time to show off some of our favorite content.  These are the most popular Barracuda blog posts of 2020.  We hope you enjoy them 😉


There’s no question that the pandemic was a hot topic for every IT publication this year.  Barracuda has published multiple articles adjusting to remote work, defending against pandemic-related phishing attacks, protecting web applications, and more.  Three of our most popular posts this year explored security and data protection challenges related to COVID-19:


Barracuda releases the Threat Spotlight each month, as well as other research and reports from our analysts.  Three of our Threat Spotlights were among the top performers of 2020, including the COVID-19 phishing article mentioned above.

Barracuda News

We like to talk about the work we’re doing here.  Our most popular posts this year include two industry recognitions and one acquisition announcement. 

Old Favorites

Some questions never go away.  Why can’t I use my personal email for work?  What do you mean this spam isn’t spam?  System Administrators are always answering questions like this, and blog posts are easy to share on demand.  These posts are reader favorites year after year after year. 

Looking forward to 2021

We’ll have more great content from our experts, including Olesia, Tushar, Sinan, Asaf, Jonathan, Fleming, and others.  We publish several times a week, and If you’d like to get notified when we have new content please subscribe to our blog to get email summaries of the latest posts.  We also have new episodes of Below the Surface every couple of weeks.  This LinkedIn Live series gives viewers the opportunity to interact with our experts and corporate leaders in real-time, and you can view the archived episodes on our YouTube channel.  

Best wishes for a happy new year, from all of us at Barracuda.

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