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EDU in the cross-hairs: New webinar explores spear-phishing risks

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If you’re an IT pro in the K-12 or college space, you might be feeling a bit like a punching bag these days—the spear-phishing hits just keep on coming. Well, you’re not imagining it. Educational organizations really are among the favorite targets for criminal hackers launching spear-phishing attacks.

There are several reasons for this. Young students are notoriously impulsive and unable to gauge risk appropriately, two factors that make them more likely than most to respond to malicious and deceptive emails. Furthermore, EDU budgets are always tight, meaning that investment in IT security staffing and technology can be inadequate.

If all that sounds familiar, you’ll want to register for a new upcoming webinar that’s all about how EDU organizations like yours are responding to the elevated threat from spear-phishing.

Defending against spear-phishing attacks

At the webinar, let Olesia Klevchuk and Stephanie Cavigliano—two of Barracuda’s leading email security solution experts—walk you through the specific nature of today’s spear-phishing risks for educational organizations and which types of solutions are most effective and appropriate for your situation. Olesia and Stephanie will focus on explaining:

  • How attackers are evolving their attack methods and styles to be as effective as possible in today’s unique environment, with widespread remote learning and a very heavy reliance on email
  • How your peers are already leveraging new technology that uses artificial intelligence and account-takeover protection to dramatically reduce the risk of spear-phishing attacks
  • How advanced security-awareness training can help you convert staff and students from a point of vulnerability to an extra layer of defense

Your responsibility to protect your organization against financial losses and breaches of private data goes beyond mere regulatory compliance. It’s a weighty responsibility to protect your community’s children and resources against some of today’s most pernicious threats. This important webinar represents a great opportunity to find out how easy it can be to fulfill that responsibility by strengthening your defenses against modern spear-phishing threats. Don’t miss it.

Save your seat

Threat Spotlight: spear-phishing attacks targeting education

December 16, 2020
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PST
Can't make the live webinar?  Register anyway, and we'll send a link to the on-demand recording.

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