Free webinar: Security Insights from PetSmart

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PetSmart Charities’ National Adoption Days kicked off on November 2 and runs through November 22. The retailer has helped over nine million pets find their forever homes through these in-store and virtual events. This effort is just one of the many services that bring people to PetSmart, which is the largest retailer in its niche. The company has over 1,650 stores in multiple countries, a thriving e-commerce presence, and veterinary and boarding services that can be accessed online prior to visiting the location. If you happen to be thinking about PetSmart, you’re probably thinking about adoptions, veterinarians, toys, food, or something else related to your pet.

What you probably aren’t thinking about is the technology that ties all of this together. The systems that enable PetSmart’s growth and diversification are protected with a standard baseline of security and custom security stacks that meet regulatory requirements and use-case needs. PetSmart’s Ryan Adams recently joined us for a webinar to discuss how his IT team has pulled all of this together using Microsoft Azure.

Key takeaways on cloud security

This free on-demand webinar features Ryan, Senior Information Security Architect, PetSmart. He’s joined by Nills Franssens, Senior Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft, and Fleming Shi, Chief Technology Officer, Barracuda. They cover several topics:

  • Business acceleration trends in Microsoft Azure
  • Digital transformation in retail and food & beverage industries
  • Secure application development in Azure
  • The many different factors and layers of security to consider in public cloud deployments
  • Shadow IT and how it relates to enterprise security
  • How and why to move legacy or end-of-life systems (including virtual systems) to Microsoft Azure
  • Why the COVID-19 pandemic requires a company-wide culture of security
  • How PetSmart migrated their physical data center to Microsoft Azure
  • Enabling Zero Trust Network Access to support developers working from home
  • The roles of Azure Security Center and Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian
  • … and a lot more

You can access this free on-demand webinar on our website here.

If you would like information about Barracuda solutions for Microsoft Azure, visit our website here.

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