Video: How Barracuda and Microsoft build, market, and sell together

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The Barracuda and Microsoft partnership truly exceeds the sum of its parts. In this video featuring Barracuda CEO BJ Jenkins and Gavriella Schuster of Microsoft, we hear more about how this relationship has delivered new solutions and business capabilities for our customers. Gavriella is Corporate Vice President, Commercial Partner at Microsoft, and she has played an important role in driving our partnership forward.


One of the most exciting developments to come from this relationship is Barracuda CloudGen WAN. This blog post explains the tight integration between CloudGen WAN and the Microsoft Global Network with Azure Virtual WAN. Put simply, this is a SaaS service that is built natively on Azure and provides secure and scalable SD-WAN services. There are multiple benefits to using CloudGen WAN on Azure:  

  • Performance:  CloudGen WAN is optimized to provide the best experience for cloud and SaaS applications. 
  • Security:  Barracuda CloudGen WAN provides CloudGen Firewall security at branch locations and other internet breakout sites so that traffic does not have to be backhauled to a central location for security policies to apply. 
  • Cost savings and flexibility:  MPLS lines are replaced with the Microsoft Global Network, which allows for dynamic scaling and costs based on consumption. 
  • Speed of deployment:  CloudGen WAN can be directly deployed from Azure Marketplace and interconnects all branches and home offices with zero-touch deployment options and default configurations already in place.   

This is the kind of technology that allows our customers to reimagine and reconfigure their business processes to improve security and lower costs, and it's simple to configure and deploy. This is all made possible by our partnership with Microsoft.

You can get more information on Barracuda Solutions for Microsoft Azure on our website at 



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