Webinars: Take control of email and data protection in the new normal

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The COVID-19 era has certainly disrupted day-to-day business operations, created a massive remote workforce, and accelerated the adoption of SaaS solutions. The public cloud has enabled businesses to provide the applications and collaborative tools that remote workers need during this time of social distancing. These two free on-demand webinars can help companies navigate the challenges created when we shifted to remote work.

New Email Threats and the New Normal: Protecting Remote Workers

Don MacLennan and Nishant Taneja explore how criminals are adjusting their techniques to take advantage of the new ways that workers collaborate. There’s a ton of information packed into this roughly 50-minute presentation, including:

  • Why cybercriminals are going through longer, more elaborate processes in order to gain victims’ trust
  • Why users working remotely must learn to be more suspicious and less trusting than in the past
  • Which specific conditions associated with remote working are most exploitable by criminals—and how to avoid becoming a victim

This on-demand webinar, New Email Threats and the New Normal:  Protecting Remote Workers, is available here.


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Modern Data Protection: Navigate the “New Normal” with Microsoft and Barracuda

This free webinar features David Totten and Nills Franssens of Microsoft, and Tim Jefferson and Nicole Napiltonia of Barracuda. Nicole leads the group in a discussion on the tremendous opportunities of the cloud and how the close partnership between Microsoft and Barracuda is creating the tools and strategies you need to realize that potential.

This webinar covers many topics, with a specific focus around:

  • Harnessing the resiliency of the cloud for data protection that on-premises solutions can’t match
  • Understanding the value of a cloud-native approach to IT
  • How Microsoft 365 serves as a platform for cloud-native development

This webinar also includes a demonstration of Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup, which offers complete, granular protection of Office 365 data.

Modern Data Protection: Navigate the “New Normal” with Microsoft and Barracuda is available here.


Barracuda and Microsoft – Strength in Security

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