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Below the Surface: Email threat types and more

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Streaming live on LinkedIn every other Monday, Barracuda's new series, Below the Surface, offers candid discussions with key Barracuda experts on all the latest and greatest cybersecurity news, as well as Barracuda's recent research, reports, and thought leadership.

In the first episode, hosts Darshna Kamini and Stephanie Cavigliano talked with Olesia Klevchuk from Barracuda's email security team about top email threat types, a new type of brand impersonation attack, and more. 

Didn't catch the first episode? Here's  a quick look at what you missed. 

13 Email Threat Types

Barracuda recently published an e-book titled 13 Email Threat Types to Know About Right Now. Olesia outlines these threat types, what Barracuda researchers are seeing, and how organizations can protect against all 13 threat types. 


Form-based Attacks

During the episode, Olesia also discusses form-based attacks, a new type of brand impersonation, that is using file, content-sharing, or other productivity sites to trick victims into hand over their credentials. She explains how the attacks unfold and why they're so difficult to detect.

Watch the full episode here to hear the entire discussion. 

The second episode of Below the Surface will be streaming today (June 29) at 9 a.m. PDT/12 p.m. EDT/5 p.m. BST. Tune in and hear from guest Tim Jefferson, SVP of data, networking and application security, engineering, at Barracuda, who will be sharing insights from Barracuda's recent global research on SD-WAN. 

To join us for “Below the Surface,” follow Barracuda on LinkedIn so you can see updates when the live stream kicks off. Have a conflict and can't tune in live? Check back here for a follow-up post like this one with a link to the replay and clips from the show. 

Watch the first episode of Below the Surface now

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