5 Ways Cloud Security Guardian enhances security in the public cloud

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When addressing cloud security, you need to consider internal policies and practices just as much—if not more so—than the malicious threats and bad actors that could attack your cloud workloads. A 2018 Gartner analysis predicted that by 2020, 80 percent of cloud breaches will be due to customer misconfiguration, mismanaged credentials, or insider theft, and not cloud provider vulnerabilities.  We're only halfway through the year, but that number seems on track.

But, enforcing security policies, identifying and remediating violations can be a challenge in public cloud environments that can change quickly. That’s why we introduced Cloud Security Guardian for Microsoft Azure in 2019. This agentless Software-as-a-Service solution provides end-to-end visibility into the security posture of public cloud workloads, ensures continuous compliance, and automates remediation of security incidents.

Gartner analysis: Through 2020, 80 percent of cloud breaches will be due to customer misconfiguration, mismanaged credentials, or insider theft, and not cloud provider vulnerabilities. #CloudSecurityClick To Tweet

Cloud Security Guardian key benefits

Having Cloud Security Guardian in place enhances security in a number of ways in Microsoft Azure.

  1. Effortless visibility —Key features of Cloud Security Guardian include an interactive map of an organization’s cloud ecosystems, simplified drill-downs and relationship identifiers. This provides valuable insights into cloud assets and their inter-relationships from network, application and access perspectives.Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian Azure
  2. Built-in best practices — Cloud Security Guardian is pre-loaded with security policies built on CIS Benchmarks, and it is certified by CIS. This helps organizations stay up-to-date on the recognized best practices for securing systems and data in the public cloud.
  3. Automated remediation — With continuous assessment, Cloud Security Guardian can quickly identify and automatically remediate security policy violations, making it easy to maintain compliance.
  4. Firewalls on demand — Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian integrates with Microsoft’s Azure Firewall, and Cloud Security Guardian can deploy and configure Azure Firewalls when it encounters security situations that require it. It can also automatically deploy, configure, and operationalize Barracuda CloudGen Firewalls and Barracuda CloudGen WAFs when it assesses a security need.
  5. Bridging the gap between developers and the security team — Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian watches over security and compliance, so developers can focus on what they do best – building applications and deploying cloud workloads.

Cloud Security Guardian is fully CIS Benchmarks-certified — their benchmarks are incorporated as pre-loaded policies in Cloud Security Guardian. Policies for PCI DSS and HIPAA are also included. Scan your public-cloud infrastructure for free now and receive your high-level Cloud Security Posture Report.

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