Barracuda CTO Fleming Shi on Coronavirus phishing

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Barracuda Chief Technology Officer Fleming Shi recently joined Dave Bittner to discuss coronavirus phishing on an episode of the CyberWire's Research Saturday.  This is a weekly cybersecurity podcast that features security experts discussing current threats. In this episode, Fleming shared Barracuda's recent research into coronavirus-related phishing.

If you are new to phishing and spear phishing, these are email attacks designed to trick the recipient into performing a specific action. If successful, these attacks will deliver user credentials and other personal information about the victim to the attacker. At that point, the attacker can sell the credentials or initiate an account takeover or other attack on network resources. Fleming and Dave discuss all this — and how cybercriminals are taking advantage of the current crisis — in more detail on the podcast, which you can find here.

Tune into this podcast for information on:

  • Impersonation of the World Health Organization and other health authorities
  • Scams around fake treatments, cures, and charities
  • A type of ransomware that threatens to infect your family with coronavirus if you do not pay
  • Attacks that target logistics and shipping related to medical equipment

Listen to the CyberWire's Research Saturday here. For more information on the threat discussed in the podcast, read the complete Threat Spotlight here

You can connect with Fleming on LinkedIn here.


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