Ensure business continuity during COVID-19 uncertainty

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Around the world, there are a growing number of businesses that encourage their employees to remotely from home, as concerns about COVID-19 continue to grow. Email, already one of the most important methods of communication, is quickly becoming an absolute necessity to keep every business going during this time.

Businesses around the world use cloud email. With 200 million commercial users, Office 365 is the most popular email platform.

During this time of uncertainty, when communication between employees, customers and partners is so important for many organizations, any email outage means losses in employee productivity, important communication, and revenue. Organizations that migrated to the cloud gave up control of their uptime and failover. If their cloud email goes down, their email communication goes down with it.

How email continuity service can help

Email continuity should be part of your current business continuity plan. In the event of an Exchange server failure or an Office 365 outage, Barracuda Email Continuity Service allows IT administrators to failover to third-party cloud-based email servers, to continue email operations until services are restored.

During this failover time, Barracuda’s Email Continuity Service allows end-users to send, receive, compose, and forward emails when email services are unavailable. This keeps the company moving and employees productive, so that orders can be processed, customer and vendor communications can continue, and any other operations that require email continue seamlessly.

Barracuda Essentials includes Email Continuity Service, which ensures that email operations continue. An emergency mailbox lets users continue to send and receive emails, staying productive until your primary servers are back online. Existing customers should make sure they have this functionality enabled. Visit Barracuda Campus here for set-up instructions

If you are not currently Barracuda Essentials customer check that your email security vendor provides email or business continuity services.



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