Texas Department of Information Resources

Barracuda PhishLine earns state certification in Texas

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Texas Department of Information Resources Cybersecurity Training Barracuda has been certified by the Texas Department of Information Resources for state and local government employees in compliance with House Bill (HB) 3834. State agencies, local governments and contractors can now leverage Barracuda PhishLine’s security awareness training platform to satisfy their annual cybersecurity training program requirement.

To meet the security awareness training objective, HB3834 states that organizations must “Define, prepare, deliver, and facilitate an ongoing awareness campaign utilizing a wide variety of mediums and delivery mechanisms to effectively and constantly educate the organization on security related information, threats, and technology risks.”

Barracuda PhishLine equips organizations with the tools and training content they need to keep their users informed about the latest cyber security risks and best practices. PhishLine’s approach to continuous testing, training and analysis has helped organizations of all sizes effectively mitigate the risk of a detrimental security incident.

State and local government employees and contractors will need to complete their first mandated cybersecurity training by June 2020.

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