Free in-depth Report: Closing Backup and Recovery Gaps

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Data protection has never been more important for businesses and other organizations.  Beyond straightforward backup,  data protection now includes archiving, off-site replication, encryption, and more.  Data is the target of every modern criminal because it is the most important asset of every modern business.  Protecting company data from these criminals requires constant vigilance and evolving strategies.

Companies have to protect their data from more than just criminals.  Hardware failure, human error, and misunderstanding of Office 365 and other SaaS data protection also create significant risk.  Massive amounts of data are being generated on a daily basis, and that's sure to continue and increase as the digital transformation progresses.  How does an IT professional protect this critical data, ensure that it is always accessible, and anticipate future data protection needs?

Today our Barracuda data protection experts are releasing a new report, ‘Closing Backup and Recovery Gaps,' which offers an in-depth look at the new risks and trends surrounding data protection.

Download the report here

Download this report to get the latest information on: 

  • What kind of data and systems are being included in backup plans
  • How cloud backup is growing in popularity, and what may be holding it back
  • Why confusion about backing up Office 365 data is increasing organizational risk

Get your FREE copy of the special report right now!


How does an IT professional protect identify mission-critical data, ensure that data is always accessible, and anticipate future data protection needs? New Barracuda research provides an in-depth look at the data protection landscape.Click To Tweet
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