Yelp for IT

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I’ve used Yelp to help my wife and I choose everything from restaurants (invaluable!) to plumbers to cobblers (no lie). It’s a great way to gain insights into the typical customer experience without actually going to the business and taking your chances. Now, it is true that you have to take some ratings with a grain of salt. Was a bad rating the product of an actual subpar experience or is someone just trying to cause trouble? Likewise, is a good rating just some friends of the owners trying to pump up a newly opened business? Like all things, the rating should be just one aspect that helps you make your decision.

Gartner Peer Insights can help you make better buying decisions. Think of it as Yelp for IT.Click To Tweet

The same holds true with any IT buying decision, security or data protection-based or not. Obviously, you should look to the analyst community (remember, I’m biased), but maybe you look at your own personal experiences too. Perhaps you read articles and reviews from websites you trust to be objective. Maybe you even ask colleagues or work acquaintances for their recommendations. But what if all those fall short of helping you make an informed decision? Where else can you look? Let me introduce you to Gartner Peer Insights.

Think of Peer Insights as “Yelp for IT” (In the interest of being transparent, there are other options like Capterra and G2 Crowd, but they cater more to the consumer than the enterprise IT buyer). To date, end users have submitted extensive reviews on over 4400 products in over 300 categories. Everything from Access Management to Workforce Management Application and everything in-between. The reviews themselves cover everything from the buying process through getting the solution up and running and, ultimately, how the product is performing today and if there’s anything they would do differently. Talk about extensive!

I know you’re reading this on my Barracuda blog, so rest assured they do offer reviews in segments you're familiar with too: CGFWs, WAFs, SEGs, etc. And Barracuda does fantastic in them! Don’t believe me? Here are some samples:

  • Barracuda Backup: “Very happy with the purchase. Should have made the move sooner.”
  • Barracuda WAF: “Never have we tested a more mature security appliance.”
  • Barracuda CGF: “Why Have You Not Already Switched To Barracuda?”
    • Side note: You will have to register to view the full reviews, but it only takes a minute and you get access to all of the content and detail that Peer Insights offers.

“But how do I know that you’re not just gaming the system?”

Great question. Gartner rigorously assesses all submitted reviews and determines the real ones from the fake or manufactured ones by doing little things like not allowing or other free email domains when registering, so use your work email when you sign up. By doing this and other things, Gartner gets to assert that they have most accurate and non-biased assessments of both vendors and solutions out there.

Barracuda Analyst Relations Manager Tony Kros explains Gartner Peer Insights and how they can help with your technology buying decisions in this Barracuda Blog post. Click To Tweet

“I’m a Barracuda customer and I’d love to share my experience!”

AWESOME! Simply go to and register. From there, enter the Barracuda product in the search bar and get ready to give your review. A typical review can take between five and 15 minutes, depending on your level of detail. Not only do we thank you in advance, but you’re sharing YOUR VOICE with IT buyers everywhere and helping YOUR PEERS make better decisions.

Now, I know this whole might sound like a paid advertisement for Peer Insights, but I assure you it’s not. I’m trying to help you understand and demystify the analyst community and what they can offer, whether it’s through reports or a tool like Peer Insights. I truly believe Peer Insights will help end users make more informed buying decisions. Period. Whether you make that purchase with Barracuda or not, I want you to be as knowledgeable as you can. Happy buying!



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