Barracuda is participating in the AWS Marketplace COR Program

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Barracuda is excited to be one of the few ISVs participating in the new AWS Marketplace Channel Opportunity Registration (COR) Program. Since this is a new program, let's talk about what this is and what it means for our partners and their customers.

“We’re excited that Barracuda is participating in the AWS Marketplace Channel Opportunity Registration Program, offering Barracuda Consulting Partners an easy, fast way to procure and deploy their offerings into AWS expeditiously, while still receiving the Barracuda partner benefits and driving their partner initiatives with Barracuda,” said Barry Russell, General Manager, WW Business Development, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

AWS Marketplace Channel Opportunity Registration Program

This industry-wide growth of the cloud continues to make the cloud more accessible to end users. As businesses begin to understand the power and economics of the cloud, they turn to the professionals who are best equipped to help them migrate to a provider like AWS. These experts are trained in cloud technologies and have relationships with providers like Barracuda. The AWS Marketplace COR Program is designed specifically for these channel relationships, so they can better help their customers with migrations to AWS.

Barracuda and AWS

Our participation in the AWS Marketplace COR Program is just one piece in our AWS story. Barracuda has engineered several solutions specifically for the cloud, which means that they are designed to take advantage of virtually everything the cloud has to offer. In fact, this blog post from a few years ago lays out the details on how our Email Security Gateway for AWS was engineered differently from the ESG virtual appliance. While dated, it illustrates the difference between dropping a virtual machine on AWS and deploying a cloud-based solution like one of these.

Barracuda was also among the first AWS Advanced Technology Partners to achieve a Security Competency and to have solutions made available in the AWS GovCloud Region. Visit our corporate site here, where you can get more details on our AWS Marketplace solutions.  Visit this blog post to learn more about our most recent AWS Security Competency.  

Barracuda Channel Partners

The AWS Marketplace COR Program has two pieces for Barracuda Channel Partners: the first is the piece from AWS Marketplace. This piece is designed to make it easier for partners to register opportunities with Amazon so that their customer work is tracked through the system. The second piece is from the vendor, and this is the piece that we are excited to offer our partners. The Barracuda implementation of the AWS Marketplace COR was designed to make AWS migration projects easier, faster, and more profitable. Barracuda Partners should look for more details on this in their Channel Partner communications.

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Barracuda, AWS Marketplace COR, and Your Migration

Although customers do not access this program directly, the AWS Marketplace COR Program helps the Barracuda Channel Partner facilitate the migration to AWS. In short, it is designed to make it easier for the Barracuda Channel Partner to help the customer choose the right path to the cloud. As an example, let's look at licensing options for the Barracuda Web Application Firewall in the Barracuda AWS Marketplace. There are two options for the customer: PAYG and ‘Bring Your Own License' or BYOL. These options give you the choice between a usage-based license (pay-as-you-go) or a retail license purchased from a Barracuda Channel Partner, reseller, or directly from Barracuda. Our participation in the AWS Marketplace COR Program provides for a Barracuda Channel Partner to help you evaluate these options and make a recommendation.

What's Next?

If you are a Barracuda Channel Partner, watch for more details in your upcoming partner communications. If you'd like to be a Barracuda Channel Partner, get in touch with us here.
If you are considering a migration to the public cloud, take a look at our corporate site here for information on how Barracuda can help.


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