AWS re:Invent 2017 – Security Session Cheat Sheet

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As AWS re:Invent 2017 quickly approaches, there’s certainly a buzz is in the air around Barracuda as we look ahead to a great week in Vegas — and just what we need to make a full recovery from the tryptophan. The show runs from Nov. 27 – Dec. 1, and AWS has put together an amazing agenda of over 1,100 sessions — we can’t wait to see what major announcements AWS makes this time around. With each re:Invent show bigger than the last, it can be a bit overwhelming to sift through the noise and decide which sessions to attend, so we’ve gone ahead and asked around our neck of the woods to help provide an AWS re:Invent session cheat sheet to help highlight the security session that folks won’t want to miss.   

You can find the full listing of re:Invent sessions here:

And, below you’ll find our security session cheat sheet:  

GPSCT311 – GPS: Planning Advanced AWS Networking Architectures 11/28/17 11:30 AM – MGM, Level 3, Premier 303

Networking is the foundation supporting many applications and services on AWS. Therefore, it is one of the first and most important things to consider when architecting a solution. In this open round table, we look at AWS networking architectural patterns. We discuss the basics as well as dive in on more advanced use cases, including transit VPCs and hybrid networking solutions. Join a discussion with AWS solution architects, where you can ask questions and learn more about networking best practices.

Why Attend?

  • Networking on AWS is foundational knowledge that’s needed in order to build a secure and well-architected environment.
GPSTEC322 – GPS: Creating Your Virtual Data Center: VPC Fundamentals, Connectivity Options, and Partners – 11/28/17 1pm – MGM, Level 1, Grand Ballroom 117

In this session, we walk through the fundamentals of Amazon VPC. First, we cover build-out and design fundamentals for VPC, including picking your IP space, subnetting, routing, security, NAT, and much more. We then transition into different approaches and use cases for optionally connecting your VPC to your physical data center with VPN or AWS Direct Connect. This midlevel architecture discussion is aimed at architects, network administrators, and technology decision-makers interested in understanding the building blocks that AWS makes available with VPC. Learn how you can connect your VPC with your offices and current data center footprint. This session adds a focus on AWS Partners and where they are relevant in AWS networking.

Why Attend?

  • VPC design is a key building block and this session will highlight how to leverage VPCs in a cloud-friendly way.

NET305 – Advanced VPC Design and New Capabilities for Amazon VPC – 11/30/17 1:45pm – Venetian, Level 4, Delfino 4002

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) enables you to have complete control over your AWS virtual networking environment. Given this control, have you ever wondered how new Amazon VPC features will affect the way you design your AWS networking infrastructure, or even change existing architectures that you use today? In this session, we explore the new design and capabilities and how you might use them.​

Why Attend?

  • VPC knowledge is invaluable. Enough said.

NET306 Planning Advanced AWS Networking Architectures – 11/29/17 4:45pm – Venetian, Level 1, Casanova 507

Networking is the foundation supporting many applications and services on AWS. As such, it is one of the first and most important things to consider when architecting with AWS. In this session, we discuss planning for your advanced AWS networking architectures.

Why Attend?

  • Networking in AWS is different, which makes cloud generation security different. This session will help articulate those differences, and provide guidance on how to implement AWS networking architectures successfully.

Additionally, we hope you’ll have time to check out some of these as well:

  • NET 405 – Another Day, Another Billion Flows
  • NET 404 – Networking Many VPCs: Transit and Shared Architectures
  • SID206 – Best Practices for Managing Security Operation on AWS
  • SID210 – A CISO’s Journey at Vonage: Achieving Unified Security at Scale
  • SID304 – SecOps 2021 Today: Using AWS Services to Deliver SecOps
  • SID306 – How Chick-fil-A Embraces DevSecOps on AWS
  • SID315 – Security and DevOps: Agility and Teamwork
  • SID317 – Automating Security and Compliance Testing of Infrastructure-as-Code for DevSecOps
  • SID321 – How Capital One Applies AWS Organizations Best Practices to Manage Multiple AWS Accounts
  • SID326 – AWS Security State of the Union
  • SID328 – Cloud Adoption in Regulated Financial Services
  • SID331 – Architecting Security and Governance Across a Multi-Account Strategy
  • STG201 – Storage State of the Union
  • STG202 – Is Your SaaS Covered? Best Practices for Preventing Data Loss in Microsoft Office 365
  • STG305 – Deep Dive on Backup to the AWS Cloud

Lastly, you can find Barracuda at AWS re:Invent in booth #1533 — don’t be a stranger.  

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