Barracuda Public Cloud Research: US vs Global

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Barracuda has just released highlights from our US Public Cloud Survey and the data is rather interesting when compared to the results of the global survey earlier this year.  I had the opportunity to dig into the details and I walked away with a handful of questions that I'm planning to take to some of our experts over the next several weeks.  Here are some of my observations related to the highlights we released earlier today:

Public cloud adoption is growing at a rapid rate across industries

This is true, and the US leads the way in cloud adoption.  In fact, S adoption should outpace global adoption slightly in the next two years, though the spread between the two data sets remains about the same for the next five years.

Security concerns still prevent widespread cloud adoption.

There are so many interesting details around security in this survey that it's hard to summarize this in just a few sentences.  Put simply, in some data you see a direct relationship between confidence in cloud security and the sensitivity of information stored in the cloud.  In other data, this is an inverse relationship.  Some sectors have a great deal more trust in the cloud than other sectors, which is especially interesting in light of the recent Equifax breach.  If this kind of detail is of interest to you, you'll definitely want to get both the US and the global results.

The shared responsibility model is misunderstood.

We've discussed the shared responsibility model many times because it's such an important concept.  Companies all over the world overestimate their understanding of how this works.  The survey results show that the majority of respondents and decision-makers believe that they fully understand this model, yet they also believe that the public cloud provider is responsible for data and applications in the cloud. 

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These are just a few of the points that piqued my interest when I compared the results.  If you'd like to do your own comparison, here's how to get the whitepapers: 

  • Follow this link to download the global report, Steps to Secure Your Journey to the Public Cloud.
  • Register here for our free webinar, Unlocking the Public Cloud – New Research and What it Means to You.  The US research whitepaper will be available after the webinar.

Rich and his colleagues will weigh in from time to time on other observations and questions that have come from these surveys.  For example,

  • Which region has the highest number of businesses using multiple public clouds, and what are the reasons for this?
  • How are organizations leveraging the public cloud, and how does this differ by sector?
  • What role is US healthcare playing in growing a specific type of cloud adoption?
  • How do public cloud security perceptions differ across regions?
  • What is the leading public cloud provider by region, and why?

For answers to these questions and more, register for our free webinar here and follow this blog for more posts on this topic.  For a summary of some key findings, download the infographic below.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Infographic_US_Benefits of Public Cloud”]

Don't forget to register here for our free webinar, Unlocking the Public Cloud – New Research and What it Means to You.  The webinar takes place Tuesday, October 3, 11am-12pm PDT.  

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