Channel Partners: Your Customer’s Future is in The Cloud

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The words “defining cloud project” or “born in the cloud partner” can be scary terms for traditional VARs who don’t have a strategy to address their customers’ immediate and future cloud needs. The good news is that having the “cloud talk” with customers is something we’re doing quite often these days, and we’re eager to help Barracuda partners develop a strategy to address security and data protection in the cloud. As this trend continues to grow, there’s probably no one more qualified than VP of Channels, Ezra Hookano to elaborate on the importance of not only having the “cloud talk” with customers, but what partners will need moving forward to expand their businesses with cloud customers.

In fact, Ezra recently wrote a series of articles that were featured in The VAR Guy to help partners address this exact topic. Whether the challenge right now is simply how to start the cloud conversation with customers, or how to prevent cyber threats in the cloud as customers continue to move their applications and data — these posts could be worth a read. You can find them here:

And of course, if you’re a VAR who would like to continue this conversation, we’d love to have it and help you be prepared to answer your customer’s cloud questions.


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