Barracuda WAF now supports BYoL Autoscaling on AWS

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Barracuda Web Application Firewall (WAF) release 8.1.1 for AWS brings new features and capabilities, including:

  • BYoL Auto scaling
  • BYoL Auto-licensing
    • Includes License Usage History Logging (S3) for audit
  • Configuration Backup to S3 bucket
  • System state export to S3 on termination

Barracuda WAF BYoL options on AWS can now be deployed with CloudFormation Templates in auto scaling clusters. Licensing of BYoL instances (which had to be done manually), can now be done automatically with Auto-Licensing. Simply place a JSON file with your licenses in an S3 bucket and provide the S3 bucket details to an S3 bucket. The Barracuda WAF instances will automatically pick up the required licenses from the S3 bucket when they boot up. When instances are brought down, the licenses are released for future use. The entire licensing process during launch and autoscaling does not require any human intervention…


Licensing is only one part of autoscaling; for truly automated launches, bootstrapping is required as well. The Barracuda WAF can bootstrap using the configuration provided on the CloudFormation Template, or using a configuration backup file and start protecting your applications right from the start. If you have separate development and production environments, moving configurations between the two are now very easy: simply take a configuration backup from one environment and use it to bootstrap the other environment.

Tracking Licensing

When it comes to large deployments, tracking license usage is very important. The Barracuda WAF now makes it easier for you to track license usage when deployed with the BYoL Auto-licensing CloudFormation Template. A License Usage History file is created on the specified S3 bucket when the CloudFormation Template is deployed. Each instance writes information about itself—including instance-id, VPC in use, boot time, and license in use – when booting up and shutting down. This information can easily be imported into any auditing system to track license usage, autoscaling metrics, and more.

When an instance is terminated for any reason on AWS, the data on it is lost. To ensure traceability, every Barracuda WAF instance now saves state information (configuration and logs) in an archive on S3. This allows for easy troubleshooting and auditing at any point in time.

Barracuda Web Application Firewall

The Barracuda Web Application Firewall gives your DevOps and application security teams comprehensive security that is easy to deploy and manage. Physical, virtual, and in the cloud—Barracuda Web Application Firewall eliminates application vulnerabilities and protects your web applications against application DDoS, SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, and other advanced attacks.

If you would like information on how the Barracuda Web Application Firewall can help you protect your resources, visit our corporate site here.

Cloud Ready

Barracuda’s new “Cloud Ready” initiative is intended to eliminate obstacles and help you move to the cloud faster, more cost-effectively, and with greater confidence. When you purchase an on-premises physical or virtual Barracuda NextGen Firewall or Web Application Firewall, you will receive a 90-day license for the same solution in both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure at no extra cost. You have 120 days to activate your free licenses.  For more information, visit our website here.

Barracuda and Amazon Web Services

Barracuda security solutions are engineered for AWS and designed to support your customers in their cloud journey. As part of the shared security responsibility model, Barracuda products complement the existing AWS services to enable customers to deploy a comprehensive security architecture and a more seamless experience across their cloud and on-premises environments, providing enhanced security against cyber attacks and advanced threats. Barracuda is an APN Advanced Technology Partner and has achieved Security Competency certification validating that solutions are well architected and pre-qualified by AWS SAS. Solutions like our Barracuda Web Application Firewall (WAF) and our NextGen Firewall are available via AWS Marketplace with PAYG, including usage-based (Metered Billing), BYoL pricing and are offered in all Regions and all Availability Zones. Barracuda solutions for AWS remove security blockers allowing your customers to fully leverage the power of the cloud.

Tushar Richabadas is a Product Manager for the Barracuda Web Application Firewall team in our India office. You can connect with him on LinkedIn here.

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